Salts of the earth are the salt therapy specialists

Would you benefit from lower stress and improved overall health and wellbeing?

Salt therapy is a 100% natural and drug-free therapy. Regular salt therapy may help relieve the symptoms of a range of respiratory and skin conditions, improve sleep, assist athletic performance and promote general health and wellbeing.

Salt therapy is a perfect complement to your overall health and wellbeing regime.

Salt Therapy and Meditation

Mindful meditation can reduce your stress level, decrease cortisol levels in the body and enhance your mental clarity.

Salt therapy is perfect for those who wish to practice mindful meditation. Not only are you working on improving your respiratory and skin health, you can also improve your mental state!

Our salt rooms allow you to sit quietly with your thoughts and focus on your breath. We dim the lights and you relax in a comfortable massage chair. You may choose to bring a guided meditation piece to listen to on your smartphone or tablet with headphones. Or you can just be at one with your own thoughts in deep or light meditation.

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