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Sinusitis is a swelling of the inner lining of the sinuses. The sinuses are the spaces between the bones in the face where air passes and where mucous drains into the nose. Tiny hairs along the membrane called cilia act as miniature oars, moving the mucus along, much like a conveyor belt, through the sinuses and out the nose.

When the mucus containing the unwanted particles reaches the nose and throat, the body prompts us to swallow, spit, sneeze or cough them out of the body. But when the sinus openings become blocked, cilia can no longer move the mucus through. In sinusitis, the swelling blocks the openings in the sinuses through which mucus drains into the nose.

When mucus cannot drain properly, the pressure of the blocked fluid inside the sinuses can be painful.

How can Salt Therapy help Symptoms of Sinusitis?

By sitting in the Salts of the Earth salt room you will be exposed to a dry salt aerosol, salt is inhaled through the nose. These microscopic salt particles will line the walls of your sinuses breaking up the mucus (sodium chloride aka “salt” changes the consistency of mucus making it thinner and less sticky) drawing out inflammation and promoting muco-ciliary clearance. It does this by gently stimulating the body’s natural action of cilia movement out towards the nose for easy expulsion and drainage relieving the common symptom of blocked fluid in the sinus.

Salt therapy is designed to relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways.

Simply Relax and Breathe in our Salt Rooms

A salt session runs for 45 minutes.

In our Adult’s Salt Room the lights are dimmed so you can sit back and relax in the comfort of our massage chairs. Some clients like to read, whilst others enjoy a period of quiet rest and relaxation.

If you are visiting for your child we have a fun-filled Children’s Salt Room stocked with toys, games and Netflix.

Private Rooms are also available.

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Success Stories from our Clients

Salt therapy is very relaxing. There isn’t any other time when I can sit quietly and relax for 45 minutes. I did have some sinus problems before I started salt therapy; bad headaches are now gone, blocked nose-gone, always sneezing-gone, shallow breathing -gone!

I also sleep well on the days I come to the salt room, my finger joints and hips aren’t as painful and I’m getting more out of my exercise.

I would highly recommend salt therapy to everybody (you don’t have to be ill) to receive all round health benefits!  


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Salt therapy is a complementary therapy, designed to be used in conjunction with conventional medicine. Like many aspects of a healthy lifestyle, consistency is key and salt therapy should be viewed as an ongoing therapy to be utilised alongside your overall Sinusitis treatment. We always recommend clients speak with their GP about the use of salt therapy.


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