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Brendon: Psoriasis

When I first started 14 weeks ago my skin was in a horrible state. The team at Salts of the Earth told me that consistency is the key and it sure is. I came to salt therapy 5 times a week, and initially I went through stages of being very itchy, sore and sometimes my psoriasis would even bleed.

I was embarrassed to wear shorts in public and even go out. I am pleased to say my skin has cleared up enormously. I walk down the street in shorts and it doesn’t worry me. I am blown away by how salt therapy has helped not only my Psoriasis. My sinuses have improved , I feel better within myself. I have never felt as comfortable anywhere as I do here. I recommend it to everyone.

Salt therapy is a complementary therapy and is intended to be used alongside conventional medical treatment. Results may vary between clients and we recommend you discuss the use of salt therapy with your GP.

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