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Salt therapy staff

Meet our Salt Therapist

Every Salts of the Earth has a trained Salt Therapist who is there to help and serve you.

You can sit down with them one-on-one to learn everything you need to know about salt therapy and discuss any questions you may have. They will take you for a tour of the salt therapy centre, including a look inside all our different salt rooms and explain the purpose of each room and how they suit our different clients.

They will chat with you about the opening hours and sessions times available at your local centre and the online and phone booking systems that we have in place for your convenience and ease of use.

We ask each of our clients to obverse a few simple rules of etiquette to help ensure all our clients have a positive experience. Your Salt Therapist will explain these rules and tips before your first salt therapy session. For example, many of our clients have skin or respiratory sensitivities and we have policies and practices in place to help ensure they are catered.

For many people, their salt therapy sessions are a time for peaceful relaxation and meditation – a retreat from their busy lives and place of sanctuary to unwind and recharge. Some of our rules of etiquette are designed to ensure this wonderful experience is available to be enjoyed by all who make use of our adult salt rooms.

Most of all, your Salt Therapist will be there for you through your time with Salts of the Earth to answer questions, provide help and education and check-in with you to hear your feedback on your experience with salt therapy.

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