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Lucy: Hay fever, Eczema + Allergies

“I’ve been coming to Salts of the Earth for about three weeks now and I no longer have itchy eyes or a runny nose and I no longer have to take hay fever medication!

Also it has cleared up my eczema and skin allergies, and I feel great. Would highly recommend it.

It is very relaxing and I always have a nanna nap and massage.”


Many of our clients use salt therapy to help manage their hay fever and we see many familiar faces return each hay fever season. Some visit us prior to the onset of their symptoms, while others return once their symptoms rear their head. As sufferers will attest, the intensity of hay fever can differ from year-to-year and from season-to-season. Consistency is key with salt therapy and we encourage clients to incorporate salt therapy into their ongoing lifestyle.

Salt therapy can also assist with skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Our salt rooms are filled with tiny salt particles which are highly absorbent and small enough to permeate the skin, helping reduce the build-up of oils, toxins and inflammation. Salt’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help normalise the skin’s PH level to improve overall skin health.

Salt therapy is a complementary therapy and is intended to be used alongside conventional medical treatment. Results may vary between clients and we recommend you discuss the use of salt therapy with your GP.

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