Salts of the earth are the salt therapy specialists

Help relieve the symptoms of your asthma with salt therapy.

Salt therapy is a natural therapy that can help relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways. When an asthmatic sits in a salt room they inhale the dry salt deep into the lungs, it lines the walls of the airways and can draw out inflammation or fluid and loosens congestion for easy expulsion. The minute salt particles can also help to open up the airways and increase oxygen intake. Salt can also help cleanse the airways of smoke, dust, pollutants and other allergens to allow for easier and improved breathing.

After regular salt therapy, breathing can become easier and shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and congestion may gradually be alleviated. By relieving the symptoms of asthma, medication such as Ventolin may be more effective at treating the condition, resulting in even greater relief.*


*Results may vary between clients. It is always recommended clients discuss the use of salt therapy with their GP.