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Why you need a salt lamp in your life

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is going crazy for salt lamps right now.
It’s one of those trends that has united groups everywhere – the hipsters like them for their originality, the yuppies like them for their status, the health nuts like them for their major health benefits… They are the new toy to have on your coffee table.
So, what’s the big deal? As it turns out, they DO have a whole lot health benefits. Salt lamps are the new kale. Here’s just a few:

1. Good for allergy and asthma sufferers.
The clever little salt lamps spend their days cleaning the air in the home, like a good little house-maid. Without getting too technical, the salt lamps absorb water from their environment and suck in any dust, pollen or dirt particles floating around. They filter the water molecule and release back into the air, clean as a whistle, keeping the dust inside the salt lamp. Whaaaat? Amazing.

2. Improving mood, focus and energy.
Now it sounds a bit hippy, but apparently it is SCIENCE. The salt lamp produces all kinds of happy, helpful ions that help the body feel good. The lamp can actually improve oxygen levels and blood flow to the brain, making you smarter than Stephen Hawking (well, maybe not… but you get the point).

3. Better sleep.
By cleaning the air in the environment of your home, and filling your body with negative ions (that’s actually a good thing – the negative ions have a positive effect on your body, and vice versa. Confusing, hey?!) the salt lamps can lead to a better night’s sleep. Also, the soft light creates a beautiful ambience, so you’ll feel like your drifitng off in a fancy health spa.

4. Reduced stress.
It might be the cleaner air, it might be the pretty light, but people with salt lamps often claim to have reduced stress levels. It sure is cheaper than a trip to Hawaii, anyway.
5. Other health benefits.

Reported benefits from salt lamps include improvements in skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, fewer headaches and migraines, less colds and flu, reduced symptoms from arthritis, and improved ability and focus to work at computers. Sounds good, right?
Most importantly, they look pretty. Put it in your bathroom for a nice soft light, your bedroom for better sleep, or have it right in pride of place next to the TV. Also, they make a great nightlight for a child, as well as keeping dust and allergens away.

Quick. Go and get one. Before you look uncool.

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