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Many of our clients suffering from Snoring, Croup and Cold and Flu related sleeplessness have experienced symptom relief from salt therapy.

We could all do with a good night’s sleep.

Salt has a natural relaxing affect on the body that can help stimulate sleep. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, salt can help open up the airways and nasal passages, allowing for increased oxygen intake and helping the body to relax. Inhaling the natural benefits of salt can also help to relieve inflammation and congestion of the sinuses and airways. Alleviating any congestion from the sinuses can also help to prevent snoring, promoting a better night’s sleep for everyone!

It is important to understand that salt therapy is not an alternative therapy, but a complementary one. It is intended to be used alongside conventional medical treatment. Results may vary between clients and we recommend you discuss the use of salt therapy with your GP.

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