Salts of the earth are the salt therapy specialists

Live, sleep & breathe better with salt therapy.

Salt therapy is a natural and non-invasive therapy that can help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of respiratory and skin conditions. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistamine, so people experiencing everything from hay fever, asthma, eczema, sinusitis or a cold and flu may experience significant and lasting symptom relief following regular salt therapy.

We welcome everyone from babies to the elderly into our salt centre. Relax in our communal Adults’ Salt Room, play in our fun-filled Children’s Salt Room or rejuvenate in our Private Salt Room designed specifically for those with chronic skin conditions or contagious infections.

To discover more about the therapy and how it can help you and your condition, book in for your complimentary consultation with our salt therapist by registering your details below, calling (03) 9521 6874 or visit us at 473 Hampton St, Hampton so you don’t miss out. Let us help you make 2018 a happy and healthy one.

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Book a Complimentary Consultation.

During your consultation our Salt Therapist will explain how salt therapy may help you and your condition and recommend the best management plan for you to get the symptom relief you need.