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Four resolutions you’ll WANT to keep

Sigh. Another year, another set of false promises. Eat healthier. Go to the gym more. Learn Spanish. Fly to Mars. Blah blah broken blah.

Not this year. In 2017, give yourself permission to have some good resolutions. Here’s four goals you can set yourself that you actually will enjoy. Because life’s too short for diets.

  1. Get more massages.

You’re tense. We all are. So it’s time you get that sorted. You don’t need hours of oily pampering in a heavily incensed room (although… Go for it, if you can…). We’re talking 10 minutes at one of those pay-by-the-minute massage shops in your local shopping centre. Just ten minutes on your shoulders will make the world of difference. Pop in on your lunch break once a week, or go right before bedtime – many of them are open until 9pm. Ten minutes could turn your day from a ‘meh’ to a ‘yeahhhh’.

  1. Eat more chocolate.

You heard us. Life is too short to cut out one of the best things known to mankind. Obviously, we don’t want you to become a diabetic… but a little bit of dark chocolate every day is actually good for your health. And even if it isn’t – who cares? A couple of squares isn’t gonna hurt. In fact, it’s going to feel really good.

  1. Try salt therapy.

Take some time for yourself by trying a salt therapy session. You recline in a massage chair in a relaxing room, while breathing in salty air. That’s it. The salt does wonders for your lungs, your sinuses, and even your skin, and you’ll be glowing like you’ve done a 2-hour spin class. Benefits include improved sinus and lung function, less colds and flus, faster recovery from exercise, stress relief, and clear, healthy skin.

  1. Read a good book.

Even if you’re flat out busy, reading for five minutes before sleeping helps the brain switch off from all those menial tasks running through your head like a to-do list. Plus, a bit of escapism is great for the imagination. Whether it’s a kindle or a good ol’ fashioned hard copy, chuck a book on your bedside table and aim for a page a night. It’s not much, but it’s something. And if you have to sacrifice doing the dishes for your book-reading time, so be it. The dishes will do themselves.

Happy 2017, friends. Look after yourselves.

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