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Feeling out of sorts and anxious?

Oh hey there, dark, long wintery nights. We didn’t miss you at all.

Are you feeling a little bit… blue? Maybe you could even describe yourself as sort of…. down? Don’t worry, it’s not you.
It’s the end of Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Studies have actually shown that the end of DST can lead to an increase in mental health issues, triggering depression and anxiety. Other health issues caused by the change in the clocks include disturbed sleep patterns, increased stress, and even a higher rate of heart attacks and strokes in the countries that adhere to Daylight Saving Time.

Sound a bit crazy? Maybe. But it’s the truth. So what can you do to boost your health over the next few weeks and adjust to the winding of the clocks? A little bit of salt therapy.

Firstly, what is salt therapy? Salt therapy involves sitting in a relaxing room at a salt therapy centre (such as Salts Of The Earth) and breathing deeply from a massage chair. That’s about it. Pharmaceutical grade salt is pumped through the air, and it can help relieve the symptoms for a wide range of health conditions.

During the transitional phase after Daylight Saving Time, our bodies tend to have trouble sleeping, adjusting to the difference in our internal clocks. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the salt can assist in lung function and circulatory system function, resulting in deeper and more beneficial sleep patterns.

But what about that feeling of winter despair? Well, salt therapy can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress, too. A session of deep breathing in a calm, welcoming room, letting your body relax in a massage chair while your health reaps the benefits – it’s great for soothing a clouded head. The increased blood flow to the skin and organs can bring a lift to your state of health, let alone your peace of mind.

So if you’re feeling like these dark nights are bringing you down, book yourself a session of salt therapy, and watch those blues float away on a cloud of salty air.


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