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Dianne: Asthma

I was a chronic asthmatic. It was very severe with 3-4 hospitalisations a year and frustratingly, nothing was working. I had lots of lung and chest infections, and was taking large amounts of antibiotics and steroids.
I was really hopeful that Salts of the Earth would enhance my quality of life, I’ve tried lots of natural therapies and so far nothing had worked. When I first started salt therapy I came as often as I could get there – 3 times in the first week and 2 in the second week. It made a big difference. It cleared the congestion in my lungs, I was breathing better and coughing much less, so I was using less Ventolin as well. I love Salts of the Earth! My lung function has now returned to normal. I tell all my family and friends and they can see the difference in both my health, and the way I breathe.

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