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Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Health trends are all about oil these days. Coconut oil in your diet. Cleansing oil on your skin. Argan oil in your hair. Well, here’s a new (and pretty impressive) oil for you:

Magnesium oil.

You might already know a little about magnesium. It’s an essential mineral in the body, necessary for muscle function, blood pressure regulation, energy production – a loooong list of over 300 really important body processes. Magnesium supplements are regularly taken in tablet form, but recent studies show that magnesium can be absorbed at a much higher and more effective rate when applied on to the skin in oil form, without the laxative effect that the tablets can have. Bonus!

So what is magnesium oil good for?

  1. Sports performance and recovery. Magnesium oil is a natural muscle relaxant and can relieve sore muscles when sprayed (or better yet, massaged) on to the affected area.
  2. Migraines. Studies have shown that regular intake of magnesium can lower the frequency of migraines. Migraine sufferers – get a little bottle next to your bed.
  3. Stress relief. If you’re a bit under the weather from work or life stress, magnesium can help with the neurological processes associated with stress and anxiety.
  4. Glowing skin. Magnesium oil, surprisingly, can help reduce oiliness of facial skin. It can also reduce skin conditions like rosacea, hypersensitivity and acne.
  5. Better sleep. Magnesium helps the nerve system to relax and works with receptors in the brain that can lead to deeper, more healing sleep.

Put down those magnesium tablets and pick up a bottle of the good stuff. A nice massage with magnesium oil might be just what the health doctor ordered. Treat yourself to a DIY foot rub tonight, and start seeing the benefits.


Magnesium oil is a available to purchase at all Salts of the Earth centres.

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