Salts of the earth are the salt therapy specialists

About Us

In a short period of time Salts of the Earth has grown to 25 centres Australia-wide.

Its rapid expansion has been due to its effectiveness. Many former clients have benefited so much from the therapy that they have decided to become franchise owners, helping their friends, family and community members experience the health benefits of salt therapy.

Salts of the Earth was founded by CEO David Lindsay, after witnessing the effects salt therapy had on his father, a long term sufferer of Asthma, Bronchiectasis, COPD and Sinusitis. It was around this time David’s father was recommended salt therapy. He was extremely skeptical at first, but he attended Salt Therapy everyday for two weeks. By the end of the first week his morning ritual of coughing resulted in clearance of mucus, something he could never do before. Salt Therapy has played a significant role in improving the health of our founders’ father, so much so that he decided to open his own centre.

Salt therapy has the potential to help many more Australians clean their airways, relieve their symptoms, and experience more out of life.

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