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6 reasons to get to a salt cave

Eastern Europeans have been doing it for centuries. Now it’s your turn to get salty.

The new craze sweeping the nation is salt therapy – a relaxing 45 minute session in a massage chair, sitting in a salt-covered room, breathing in salty air. Sound relaxing? It is. But it also has a wealth of benefits. Here’s a few reasons why you should jump on the salty wagon.

  1. Goodbye, stress.

A salt therapy session involves 45 minutes of sitting in a massage chair, even tucking yourself under a blanket, while letting your cares float away on the salty air. That’s it. You just breathe deeply and relax. If your job or life has been a little too crazy lately, then this is exactly what you need to get that bounce back in your step.

  1. Healthy, healthy, healthy.

Do you catch a lot of colds? Is hay fever driving you nuts? Are you asthmatic, or do you suffer from bronchitis? Chest infections, sinus infections, breathing difficulties – all have been shown to improve with regular salt therapy. The pharmaceutical grade salt has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antihistamine properties, helping the lungs and sinuses to function better and absorb any medical treatment more effectively. Even Cystic Fibrosis sufferers are seeing great results form regular sessions, with easier breathing and a longer periods between illnesses.

  1. Why, you’re skin is positively glowing!

The salty air isn’t just good for your insides, it’s good for your outsides too. Sufferers of eczema or psoriasis have seen great results from salt therapy – the testimonies and photos speak for themselves. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the salt work wonders to soothe and heal affected patches of skin, as well as relieving symptoms of itchiness and flakiness. Plus, with all the positive effects on the lungs, the skin is receiving more oxygen from the bloodstream, giving a nice glow to that smooth face.

  1. History talks.

If you don’t believe us, ask the Eastern Europeans, who are big fans of salt therapy (Spelotherapy or Halotherapy to them). In Hungary, the therapy is even covered by health insurance and medically recommended. Some salt caves in Poland have been actively used as additional medical treatment since the 1200’s.

  1. Cough up that pollution.

With most of the Australian population living in metropolitan areas, our lungs are suffering more than ever from continuous pollution and harmful gases. You know how good a trip to the beach feels for your health? Your lungs and skin are singing with joy afterwards. That’s just what happens after a session of salt therapy – and you don’t even have to get sandy feet.

  1. It’s totally safe.

Babies. Great-grandparents. Come one, come all. Salt therapy at Salts of the Earth is completely safe for people of all ages. For the kiddies, there are fun little play rooms where they can even build salt castles on the salty floor. For adults, there are relaxing rooms with peaceful lighting and reclining massage chairs. And if you’d prefer, there’s even private rooms, so you can get all the ‘me time’ you need.

What are you waiting for? Clear those lungs, awake that skin. Book into your local Salts Of The Earth centre today.

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